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Greenland votes for self-rule

2008, November 26

Agence France-Presse (11/25/08)

“Greenland voted massively in favour of self-rule in a referendum that paves the way for independence from Denmark and gives it rights to lucrative Arctic resources, final results showed. A total of 75.54 percent voted ‘yes’ to greater autonomy, while 23.57 percent said ‘no.’ A self-rule proposal hammered out with Denmark earlier this year gives Greenland, which was granted semi-autonomy from Copenhagen in 1979, rights to potentially lucrative Arctic resources, as well as control over justice and police affairs and, to a certain extent, foreign affairs. The new status will take effect on June 21, 2009.”

“It was time for us for to regain our rights and freedoms that were stolen from our ancestors, a people of free and proud hunters whose lands were colonised” by Denmark 300 years ago, said David Brandt, a former fisherman.”

“Greenlanders, who voted to withdraw from the European Union in a 1982 referendum, will be also be recognised as a distinct people in line with international law, and Greenlandic will be recognised as the official language.
Most of the parties in the local parliament were in favour of self-rule, but a fringe movement, backed by a single political party, the Democrats, had opposed it.”)